Managing a coworking space can be a tough job - you need to be on your toes 24x7 to make sure the client experience is as smooth as can be.

This of course is seconded by the custom demands, changes, issues and so on which can be anything from a malfunctioning laptop or device apprehended by your IT fellas to a power outage, while the demands can be anything from a client demanding a cabin with purple blinds and high chairs to a separate segmented WLAN for online privacy.

You know all that better!

Mind Map representing different aspects of managing a coworking space
Different Aspects of Managing a CoWorking Space

The key to victory, on the other hand, is one - you need to deliver! And, you need to deliver effectively in time! The more streamlined the experience at your workspace is, the better it is for your business.

The Internet, the Furnishing, the Sanitation, the Pantry - all need to be in top condition all the time.

They are like towers of your castle - one falls, the safety of the entire castle is jeopardized.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Coworking Business

If you are reading this as early as nowadays, you know, this year has been rough for business. Falling revenues, rising churn, diminishing client base, need not all be mentioned.

But just as the sustenance of life against tests of nature has it, adversities breed opportunity - an opportunity to change, to evolve - to opt for more flexible and scalable solutions.

With diminishing workforce and funds in disarray, the time has come when coworking spaces should look beyond the traditional methods of carrying out operations to embrace artificial intelligence, analytics and unleash a greater degree of automation.

A lot of day to day operational tasks can now be automated with the help of tools we are going to talk about.

Coworking Space Management Software crafted in India

Lets now look at the best coworking space management solutions, made and available in India, that you should consider for their sheer mettle to meet the global standards.

Bonus 1.01 - List includes an open source space management software that you might wanna check out if you are into lego blocks.

1. Engage - The App-Master

Engage caters to some paramount frames of data driven 360 degree space management, complimented only by a highly intuitive and simplified user interface.

Out of some 1500 floor managers we included in our survey, EngageApps is perhaps the only tool to have garnered a satisfaction ratio of over 90% from daily users earning it the spotlight.

A tablet and a smartphone depicting EngageApps
Image Courtesy: EngageApps

Engage takes care of almost every aspect of running a coworking space, right from:

  • Contract & Vendor Management
  • Room Allocation/Space Infrastructure Management
  • Automated Billing/Invoicing
  • Member Management/CRM
  • Custom Web Portal & Applications (UX)
  • Personalized Visitor Management (this is your inbuilt marketing tool).

Another noteworthy offering by Engage are their decentralized approach to management. It functions more like a confederacy of independent systems rather than a centralized unit, shifting more control into user hands and allowing for an unprecedented degree of flexibility.

Furthermore you can avail 100% white labelled apps which is good if you are looking forward to building yourself as a brand.

While Engage doesn’t offer free trials or versions, if you are interested, you can sign up for a demo here.

2. CoWorking Ops - The Workhorse

A holistic retainer for coworking management, CoWorking Ops is a cloud-deployed software aimed at simplifying day to day operations. It is prized for its level of detail and coherence as well as its proven results of having significantly reduced decision making time by upto 50%.

a tablet, smartphone and laptop all featuring coworking ops
Image Courtesy: CoWorking Ops

The tool itself is highly flexible and easily integrates with any other solutions you might be employing. Some salient features include:

  • Automated Billing/Invoicing
  • Room Allocation/Space Infrastructure Management
  • Member Management/CRM
  • Visitor Management
  • Plug & Play Compliant Integrations
  • Custom Planning Portal & Applications (UX)
  • Business Analytics

A robust CRM powered by in depth analytics, CoWorking Ops can help resolve issues in a more comprehensive and strategic manner. The Company offers a 30-day free trial, which you might want to roll in for, right away!

3. Brskly - The All Rounder

Thing about all rounders - they are a jack of all trades. Id say you pick this option if you have no specific alterations/plans in mind.

Brskly is the most stable and well-balanced coworking space management platform, designed in India, with a manager's confidence rating of whopping 87.5%.

More managers trust that Brskly wont break down, than they do regarding their marriage! Just kidding ;-))

Animated image of a man standing next to charts depicting business analytics
Image courtesy: Brskly

Features rounded by Brskly are some of the most common you would find on this list, including:

  • Room Allocation/Space Infrastructure Management
  • Automated Billing/Invoicing
  • Single Integrated Web Portal
  • Member Management/CRM
  • Visitor Management
  • IoT & Smart Sensor Solutions
  • Business Analytics

Looking for a cherry to do the honours? Brskly is also prized for its amazing customized web development prowess. They can create a website for your coworking space venture that you can leverage for marketing, hence driving sales. Find Brskly here!

4. Digicuro - Tomorrow Man

Now, this is a package from future, as Digicuro outspends all other listings when it comes to research and development. Result is a future ready tool for the spaces of tomorrow.  

Digicuro's popularity stems from its flexibility that allows incorporation of customizations specific to your building at no additional cost.

Animated Image of a desktop screen depicting brand name and analytics
Image Courtesy: Digicuro

They provide highly interactive features like:

  • Integrated + Centralized Web Portals
  • Custom Applications
  • Visitor Management that includes virtual tours for your prospects, again an inbuilt marketing tool
  • Room Allocation/Space Infrastructure Management
  • Member Management/CRM
  • Business Analytics
  • IoT & Smart Sensor Solutions like Face Recognition
  • Automated Billing/Invoicing.

What’s more? Digicuro is one of the few tools and second entry on the list offering 100% white labeled product and a free trial you might want to book right away!

5. Nandine - The Poor Man's Chicken

A collaborative work of Jacob Sayles and Kanawha Design Studio, Nandine is an open source community building and management platform that can be leveraged to help manage your coworking space.

In easy words - Nandine is but a set of chassis and wheels that you have received for free. This definitely doesn't mean it's all set to blaze up the highway. You need to invest both time and money to get it going.

Depicting a cow - the mascot for Nandine project
Image Courtesy: The Nandine Project

Putting that into perspective, to run Nandine, you still need a hosting service, a development team, a support & maintenance team and a designing team (for customizations). All that being said, I would recommend Nandine if:

  • You are considering a custom platform specific to your operations. And . .
  • You want to control the data - where it is stored and how it is distributed.

To learn more on how to use Nandine, do remember to go through the "getting started" section here.

So are we all set? NO! NOT until we secure your Network from cyberattacks and user data from breaches!

Doubtlessly, Internet is the very oxygen of your coworking space business. If you are able to provide a speedy, secure & smooth internet connection, you know that 90% of your customer retention targets are already met - since internet is where all the work is happening. While traditional firewalls have been around for quite some time now, a whopping 52% of coworkers believe their online data is not safe in a coworking space. It's time we look at better, faster, lighter, more flexible and scalable solutions that are there on the table.

BhaiFi is one such Made in India software that automatically manages and protects your network to ensure a rich internet experience at your workspace. To add some more, BhaiFi can effortlessly integrate with all the tools we mentioned above and many, many more.

Summing Things Up

This does with our list of coworking space software that you might want to consider in 2021, given the gravity of the situation. Remember, price is what we pay, value is what we get. A top of the line internationally benchmarked software can definitely streamline your life for a price - but if you get the same benefits without the price tag, you know that enough is not the same it was before.

I was all the more interested in covering these particular startups and SMEs since this is the time when our country’s economy direly needs such innovation. Hope I was able to address your concerns and you finally have what you have been looking for. Adjoined is a table containing everything you want to know and care about.

Comparison table for THE BEST Coworking Space Management Software available in India

Important: It is not at all fair to compare open source Nandine to off the shelf software like other entries on the list, since you can any day get even more features out of it, depending upon how and what you are looking for. It has been placed there just for a basic idea and comparison of its most common functionalities.

Also, if you want a developer to help customize the Nandine to suit your needs, don't forget to check on Kanawha Design Studio, the original developers.

Cheers and Happy Managing!