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Running a business center & a co-working space.


No. of co-workers


Yrs. in business



45 Lac

Avg. Revenue (per loc)


Most crowded days

Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Legal,and Corporates

Background of users

45 lac

Avg. Revenue (per loc)


Most crowded days

Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Legal,and Corporates

Background of users


Delivering enterprise-grade network security and data security while prioritizing privacy
Cloud-based, scalable network with low setup costs and no long-term commitment
Seamless one-time login experience, fast and reliable WiFi
ISP and infra monitoring to avoid network downtime
Complete user wise and sub-company wise reporting and bandwidth management
Forensic logging in case of cybercrime
Identify network attacks proactively and block them in real-time
Quantify network performance like uptime, downtime, issues, performance, end-to-end speed delivery, ISP and network fluctuations
User-based content and application filtering
Customized network solution and application integration
Employee Performance Index for sub-companies to keep a check on their employees
Automate co-worker attendance using WiFi and payment integration
Network automation to avoid the high costs of skilled IT teams


Lack of network security and management that causes slow and disrupted WiFi experiences
Complex UI and processes that take a lot of time and unnecessary effort
No way to plan networks in terms of bandwidth, policies, infrastructure and ISPs
No tool to monitor infrastructure and ISPs to avoid downtime
Adding new floors or extending the existing area creates scalability issues due to lack of technical know-how and because local vendors are ill-equipped
Firewall and other systems involve high on-boarding costs, long commitments, multiple vendors, complicated technical setups and management and skilled IT teams
Even with skilled IT teams and huge investments the network often goes down and troubleshooting takes time contributing to churn rate and business loss
Sub-companies do not have a way to manage their respective networks
No way to revoke Internet access for payment defaulters

How we work with co-working spaces

At BhaiFi, we understand that a great WiFi experience is the backbone of a successful co-working space or Business Centers and so our solutions target every object and pain-point. To further boost your business, we also offer you the following:

Integration with Co-Working Management Software

Billing Software

Self-service portals

Mobile Applications

API integration with CRMs

Marketing Products

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