Hi BhaiFi

The first experience-driven WiFi that won’t leave you with second thoughts.

Looking for the perfect WiFi experience? BhaiFi has you covered. Say hello to the friendliest and finest automated network management, marketing and security solution at your fingertips. Benefit from machine learning algorithms and data analytics to scale your business smartly and swiftly.

We exist to deliver happiness in data packets.

Internet contribution to India’s GDP is expected to reach 16% and Internet users will cross over 730 Million by 2020. But at BhaiFi, we understand that mere reach is never enough. By providing Internet with the best quality of experience driven by reliability, consistency and controllability, we not only contribute to an economy but more importantly put a smile on everyone’s face.

BhaiFi started as an idea over a cup of tea. It’s been piping hot, ever since.

In March 2014, Sachin Yadav, along with Amit Raghav and Ankit Verma, brewed the idea of BhaiFi while sipping a cuppa at Chaayos. The desire was to create a smoother, secure and a more superior Internet experience where privacy and security is never compromised and where everyone operates in silos. By December 2014, BhaiFi was ready to take on the markets. Sadly, Sachin passed away but the team was determined to build a legacy. Ashish Juyal joined in as the technical founder. Today, BhaiFi is changing the way the world accesses the Internet by prioritizing quality of experience over everything. And we’re only just getting started.

Our Vision.

Building the largest personalized WiFi network on the planet. #PrivacyFirst #SecurityFirst

Our Mission.

Helping businesses to choose and deliver the quality of experience with an automated end-to-end network security, management and visibility solution to help them scale faster and become more efficient.

The values BhaiFi lives by.


We are restless. We don’t just see things as they are but as they should be. We constantly improve, innovate and create the new.


We commit completely to every task we undertake. We take complete ownership on everything we do.


We choose what’s right over what’s easy. We believe going the extra mile to live up to our promises is the only way to go above and beyond every expectation.


We believe spirituality and reality shouldn’t be separated but integrated. We spiritualise the business world with our good thoughts and actions.

Say hello to Team BhaiFi.

Ankit Verma

Co-founder & CEO
Ankit Verma lives by his belief that “Technology doesn’t take sides, we do.” With his expertise as a cyber security consultant at Emirates Airlines in Dubai, Indigo Airlines in New Delhi and Xebia in Amsterdam, Ankit has always invented and solved human problems through technology around the world. He conceived the unified vision of BhaiFi to connect the world digitally.

Amit Raghav

Co-Founder & COO
Resilient, sharp and adaptable to any problem that’s thrown at him, Amit Raghav has one mantra: A customer’s success is our success. A customer’s failure is our failure. His experience ranges across handling operations for telcos and companies like IndiGo, Sapient and IBM. Amit is the backbone of BhaiFi and is responsible for scaling to over 50 cities.

Ashish Juyal

Re-Founder & CTO
As a polyglot, a tech artist and crafter who believes in building beautiful, experience driven products at a huge scale. Ashish Juyal has worked at The Indian Express, IndiGo Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Xebia in Amsterdam. His ability to build fast and learn fast makes him an indispensable one-man army for fueling the growth at BhaiFi.

Late. Sachin Yadav

The original brain behind BhaiFi who believed so strongly in BhaiFi, he worked towards setting it up despite being diagnosed with tumor.