How can we deliver the best User-Experience to our users? — Amit (Co-Founder) asked.
Let’s remove the User from User-Experience & what remains is the best ever Experience we can deliver — I replied.

That’s how the conversation started between Amit & I while discussing the pain our marquee customer had.


Before getting started, let me explain what precisely the Pain-Point was to keep things easy for you. So imagine you are connecting your MacBook to your workplace’s WiFi Network powered by BhaiFi, you will see a Captive Portal (Login Page) coming up as shown below, asking you to authenticate your identity via Mobile Number as a part of the Compliance:

Yes, Legal Compliance. Anyone sharing the Internet with anyone outside of the family should verify the user identity (not only the device identity) to keep yourself safe in case of Cybercrime. I will cover this in detail in my next article.

Now, doing this once looks exciting but doing that ever again in your life seems like you under constant surveillance bringing you on your nerves in no time.

Solution: Auto-Connect

We invented a way where once you have authenticated yourself, next time you just come into your WiFi Network's vicinity & you are seamlessly connected just like shooo! Yeah! shooo! (See my previous article to know what shooo! is?).

Wait, what about the Legal Compliance I just boasted about? It is so important & blah blah! Yes, it is! You are still under compliance, but that is happening magically behind the scenes in just 2 seconds & you don’t have to do anything.

Am I not making a fool out of you? Ahan! NO!

You might say that’s how I have been connecting to my home WiFi. I reach home & my WiFi stays connected. Yes! But your workplace WiFi Network after being powered by BhaiFi changes a few things:

  1. It doesn’t have any password on the WiFi SSID (or WiFi name)
  2. It has Captive Portal enabled, so every time it is a must to authenticate your identity as part of the Legal Compliance.
  3. Tomorrow even if you change the WiFi name to something else, it won’t change anything for you.

That’s not the case with your home WiFi. So in a nutshell, Auto-Connect makes your workplace WiFi like your home WiFi but with Legal Compliance in place. YES!

That’s all why it matters? NO!

That was just the base to get you started to take on a new journey. What this invention also does is:

It has the capability to convert all the heterogeneous networks or distributed networks to act as a one-single network on a single click.

Imagine that you have already authenticated yourself once at your workplace WiFi network in Gurugram.

  1. You happen to be travelling to your site office in Mumbai & the next morning you reach there you are already connected.
  2. You step out to have lunch at a Modern Cafe nearby and there you get connected to the WiFi again.
  3. Done with your lunch, hop on a cab & you get connected again just like that.
  4. Finally, you head back to your hotel & you are yet connected again!
What the heck? How do I always get connected to these different networks from different owners in different cities with different Internet providers running different WiFi infrastructure without doing anything? How about my privacy or the owner’s security?

The Magic & its power to change the world:

Yes. That’s what this invention does. It automatically authenticates you behind the scenes across all the networks, powered by BhaiFi beyond all the odds. You are always connected, on the move!

Auto-Connect doesn’t compromise the owner’s security because they always have legal compliance whenever you are connected. Moreover, they have all the rights & control of their network. Giving you seamless access has been their choice.

Auto-Connect also doesn't compromise your privacy ever. We have got your back to make sure that no owner could see or misuse your data in any way. There is a thin line difference to ensure your privacy & owner’s security — that’s what we are known for!

Now imagine the power of this invention when 70+ million SMEs are powered by BhaiFi across industries creates a distributed mesh-wifi-network owned by them, used by you, powered by BhaiFi. One India, One Network, BhaiFi!

The day is not so far when you, your car & your gadgets will always be connected across India & beyond keeping you all the way safe.

Let’s pledge — BhaiFi Nahi To WiFi Nahi! Happy BhaiFing :).