December 26, 2015

Free WiFi In Hotel

Ask you customers and you will come to know that having free WiFi  access is more important than a complimentary breakfast today. Various  industry survey have already shown that most of the guest specially  business travelers prefer a hotel offering free guest WiFi over another  hotel with paid or no WiFi access.

Providing a decent WiFi experience to customer could be challenge  considering there would be heavy investment into hardware and software  along with recurring investment into bandwidth purchase from ISP. Other  than that no measurable matrix to prove that free WiFi is improving  business. As customer expect free WiFi challenges for hotels are –

  1. Provide a secure and legally compliant WiFi hotspot
  2. Generally expensive hardware and professional help is required for installation
  3. Prevention of expensive bandwidth to be misused by staff and random people.
  4. Reporting on usage and data analysis for estimating and projecting future needs
  5. Visible revenue optimization for business

At BhaiFi we are well aware of the both need and value proposition  requirements for a leisure business like hotels.  While developing our  system we have kept following things in our mind –

  • BhaiFi is easy to install and someone with very basic knowledge on  networking can do it. Basically it’s a DIY solution for non-techies
  • BhaiFi provides completely secure and safe WiFi access for guest with all legal compliance requirement fulfilled
  • BhaiFi provide centralized online account from where each hotspot can be controlled.
  • With advance analytic and reporting a business owner can  precisely check and see who is using their WiFi and how much. Other than  this measurable insights on customer data is provided.
  • What’s more – BhaiFi provides amazing inbuilt  marketing features  which can convert each of your customer into your marketing agent. You  can start seeing the positive impact on business from first day onward

With BhaiFi a business gets access to enterprise grade technology  which can be configured and used very easily and within budget. After  all it’s “BhaiFi – Not Just WiFi”