Evolving with the times . . . .

If you run a Company / Enterprise / Office or Co Working space of your own that requires/leverages the Internet, you are probably more than familiar with most aspects of it. It is the prime chord that connects your Enterprise to the rest of the word. It is also the yarn that knits your Enterprise together from within.

Quick Questions:

“Have you experienced an internet breakdown despite deploying the best in Industry hardware?”
man wearing white top using MacBook
“Has your IT manager often given you scornful looks and yet it has never been his or his team’s fault?”
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“Do you feel like smashing your screen when the loading bar sticks at 58% and refuses to progress?”

OR . . . .

man holding telephone screaming
“Does it get on your nerves when you call up the ISP and they tell you that everything is fine from their end?”

No Shame, Cause it gets on mine and we are Humans after all- not Zen Masters, hence we are pretty much prone to aggression. But if all that has been happening to you since long, and no solution has worked as of now, then probably it's about time for you to now look at a dimension that YOU HAVE BEEN IGNORING FOR SO LONG!

Sometimes it's not the Fuel or the Driver, but a lack of proper maintenance and lubrication that leads to Engine Knocks / avoidable wear and tear of critical components.

car engine bay

Just like, winning a battle does not depend on how much money you pour into your armed forces or how many men you have at your disposal, but on supplies, logistics, strategy, individual and collective mettle of your soldiers and officers involved. . . . .

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Meet Bhai Bot

BhaiBot, say

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BhaiBot is saying HI!

Our cute little robot filled with so many emotions- exclusively hand tailored for you. He is so quick witted and meticulous, he understands all your internet related problems EVEN BEFORE YOU ENCOUNTER THEM. He will-

  • Regularly Monitor your network for hidden threats, inconsistencies, bandwidth hogs, trackers, miners, spyware and malware.
  • Neutralize / Repair them immediately as and when they are encountered.
  • Stand guard to all incoming traffic and only allow healthy packets to enter your network.
  • Automatically maintain your network by repairing, patching and fixing every breach and vulnerability.
  • Bring all your networks, across all your business locations to the top of your palm where you can personally assess and manage it with a tap of your finger.
  • Operate with your existing hardware, without the need for expensive upgrades.
  • Automatically authenticate and connect you to the network when you return to work the next day or visit some of your other locations.
  • Learn what matters the most to you, based upon your internet usage and make sure you can USE YOUR INTERNET THE WAY YOU WANT !
But that's not all folks!

BhaiBot can also . .

  • Save you legal trouble by making sure every device that connects to your network is following legal guidelines.
  • Apprehend any hackers / cybercriminals red handed in addition to foiling their attempts to penetrate your network.
  • Maximize the overall productivity of your enterprise by blocking all malicious / time wasting websites.
  • Act as your Business Development Executive by interacting with your customers, analyzing their behavior and marketing by pitching your product / offers and discounts AT THE MOST APPROPRIATE TIME.