January 26, 2016

Free WiFi In Events

With a very unpredictable crowd and traffic load, it’s quite hard to  deploy a reliable Wi-Fi network at events and this is the main reason  why most of the Wi-Fi hotspots at event fails to deliver on the customer  expectations.

WiFi In Events

An event could be a closed room event or an open area event both pose their own set of challenges for Wi-Fi deployment. While hardware deployment becomes limited due to various factors like WiFi interference in a indoor event,  at outoor event heavy load on some access points and less load on others is a typical problem. All these problems requires a careful inspection and load balancing assumptions before planning a RF network.

At BhaiFi we have a team of Subject Matter Experts who had executed many successful events both indoor and outdoor. BhaiFi will make sure that the network is always operational, able to take load without any hiccups while maintaining the speed and customer experience. Our innovative technology make sure that access points load balance itself when overloaded and create a true real-time mesh network which always delivers. A happy customer and happy you.